Game of Thrones RPG trailer emerges

After not doing so well with the RTS version, Focus hopes to hit back with an RPG

December 22, 2011
Game of Thrones RPG

A new trailer has been released for Focus Home Interactive’s fresh take on Game of Thrones.

Previously the company had published a real-time strategy game of the TV series (based on the George RR Martin novel) which became hugely popular earlier this year.

However, this didn’t go down too well, with reviewers not making particularly kind comments about its attempts to innovate in the RTS genre.

This second Game of Thrones effort, however, is a role-playing game and Focus will hopefully be polishing this title up to a considerably higher standard before it hits the market.

The RPG is set at the same time the TV series begins, with the Hand of the King dying in mysterious (nay treacherous) circumstances.

Some thirty hours of gameplay is promised, and the new trailer showcases castles, the gargantuan wall of the frozen north, and a bloke running around with a huge great axe on his back.

The clip shows both the lead characters, Mors, a member of the Night’s Watch out at the wall, and Alester, a red priest who is searching to redeem himself for some reason or another.

Their parallel storylines have had Martin’s input, apparently.

Plenty of intense combat is going to be par for the course judging from the trailer, and there will be some form of “bullet-time” slow motion play in battle, allowing you to expertly carve up several opponents in the blink of an eye. Or that’s the theory, anyway.

Game of Thrones the RPG will be out on the PC, Xbox and PS3 early in 2012.


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