LG Fantasy WP7 handset leaked

Coming in Q1 2012 with a 4 inch IPS display
Adam Smith

December 28, 2011
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LG hasn’t dabbled with Windows Phone 7 for some time, as other companies such as HTC returned to the OS, and of course Nokia got on board with the release of Windows Phone 7.5 (also known as Mango).

Yet it seems that LG hasn’t given up on Microsoft’s platform, not according to a leaked image which purports to show the upcoming LG Fantasy.

Scheduled for a first quarter 2012 release, the device was supposedly sold on by a tester – although this is still speculation, as ever. It could be a prototype which never sees the light of day, theoretically.

However, we’re inclined to believe that the hardware probably is a reality, and will most likely show up at Mobile World Congress early next year (or possibly even CES early next month).

Not much has been leaked about the specification of the phone, save that it has a 4 inch IPS display, and that it’ll have the Mango variant of the OS on board.

Mango boasts some 500 new features over the initial incarnation of Windows Phone 7 and has generally received a good amount of praise from critics.

However, thus far early indications seem to be that the updated OS and Nokia phones bearing it haven’t yet sparked sales of WP7, which has thus far completely failed to gain any real traction in the Android and iOS led smartphone market.

While the fat lady isn’t singing yet, she’d appear to be warming up for WP7’s curtain call – certainly if this coming quarter sees no further market share movement.


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