Samsung Galaxy S III due Q2 2012?

Coming with a super-fast quad core processor and high quality camera
Darren Allan
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The Samsung Galaxy S and its sequel have been a massive success for Samsung, helping boost the company’s smartphone business hugely.

In fact the S II (pictured) outsold the iPhone 4S in this country on the run up to Christmas, and still continues to according to’s mobile sales tracker.

So it’s only natural that Samsung is to produce a third incarnation and rumour has it that the Galaxy S III is set to be revealed at Mobile World Congress in February.

Furthermore, speculation highlighted by the Metro pins the launch date as not long after MWC, with a probable April or second quarter launch on the cards.

The expected specification includes a monster 1.8GHz or even 2.0GHz quad core processor which will leave the iPhone 4S in the dust, theoretically – although we shudder to think what that might do to the handset’s battery life.

A 10 or possibly 12 megapixel camera is also anticipated, along with the possibility of support for 3D – not that the 3D phones have done particularly well. However, it would be another element the iPhone lacks.

It seems that Samsung is throwing everything behind the S III, and that would seem like a smart move given the success the company has had with the range thus far.

Elsewhere an alleged image taken with the Galaxy S III’s spiffy new camera has been leaked onto the net. However, it isn’t really a very exciting snap, featuring a cluster of pot plants in an office and looking rather unremarkable.

Still, the fact that it’s out there is another indication that the S III is ready to roll for launch soon, and we should be hearing firmer tech spec leaks before long, we’d imagine.

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