iPhone 5 coming autumn 2012?

The rumours begin... this one is confident on the launch date, and details a redesigned body
Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

iPhone 4S

Yes, the iPhone 4S hasn’t long been released, and is selling a storm as per usual, certainly in the UK and US.

But iPhone 5 rumours – it’s fairly safe to assume the next model will be the iPhone 5, although many people assumed the 4S would be the 5 – have already started to crawl out of the woodwork.

The latest this week, from the sources of Boy Genius Report, is that the iPhone 5 will be released come the autumn of next year.

BGR is “confident” this is the case, and the information comes from a “close source”. As ever take a pinch of the white stuff, but the date does sound a likely prospect, given that the iPad 3 will allegedly be out in the spring, and it’ll be a year on from the launch of the 4S.

The fresh smartphone will see a new design for the body, something that was rumoured for this year’s iPhone, but that turned out to have slightly less sweeping tweaks.

Apparently the iPhone 5′s case will feature a rubber material, similar to the bumpers given out to “cure” the iPhone 4′s antenna reception woes. This will be the bezel between the display face and the rear of the handset, which will be fashioned from aluminium.

Nothing Earth-shattering thus far, then. What we really want to know is whether Apple will step up from the 3.5 inch display that the iPhone has always had to finally look to a bigger resolution 4 inch screen.

Expect many more iPhone rumours to pop up between now and autumn 2012, naturally.

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