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Microsoft's plans for 2012's upgrades are rather underwhelming
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Microsoft has seen its plans for coming upgrades to the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform leaked online.

WM Poweruser broke this story, with the leaked roadmap showing Microsoft’s broad intentions for rolling out upgrades next year.

This year, Windows Phone 7 saw the introduction of the much needed copy and paste feature early on, followed by Mango rolling out in October, a major update which introduced some 500 new features to the platform.

However, the plans for the OS next year are a little underwhelming, it would seem.

The second quarter of 2012 is slated for an update to Tango, which is labelled as for “products with best prices”.

In other words, targeted at lower end smartphones with adjustments to stability and running more smoothly – probably nothing major, certainly not for the big boys of the WP7 handset world.

The next incarnation of the OS, Apollo, isn’t scheduled to emerge until Q4 2012.

That’s almost another full year of waiting for Nokia, which has some more impressive hardware ready to roll in the near future, but won’t have the software to go with it any time soon.

Apollo is down as enabling “superphones”, HD screens and multi-core processors, although of course these are already available in the world of Android.

And there’s the rub – Nokia is going to be waiting a long time to catch up with the sophistication of the likes of the Galaxy S III (rumoured to be coming out in the spring with a 1.8GHz quad core processor and many other bells and whistles, possibly 3D support for one).

Equally the iPhone 5 will be out in the autumn of 2012, most likely, and the end of the year looks like too little, too late for Microsoft’s next-gen flagship handsets.

Thus far Windows Phone 7 has failed to make any impact, and Mango along with Nokia doesn’t seem to have raised its market share much if early estimates are anything to go by.

It’s still too early to make a definitive judgement and start tolling bells for the OS, but this piece of news certainly doesn’t make the future look any brighter for Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

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