Google unveils New Year’s Eve doodle

The last doodle for 2011 pops up, although it's a simple non-interactive affair
Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

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Yes, Christmas has been and gone, and now we’re at New Year’s Eve, the final day of the year.

And naturally enough Google isn’t about to usher 2012 in without some form of doodle being splashed over its home page by way of celebration.

After all, if some folks are to be believed, this is the last year we’ll have on Earth.

The doodle isn’t an animated or particularly funky affair, just a straightforward sketch of the various letters of the Logo getting down and partying.

The first G of the logo is waving around a walking stick, the O is trumpeting the new year from a megaphone (we think) and the E is letting off party poppers with some gusto.

But it’s the second G, sat down and looking a bit worse for wear as many of us will be come midnight, which gets the centrepiece of the drawing – a pair of wacky 2012 spectacles.

No doubt the novelty specs will be on sale somewhere in the real world. Maybe.

2011 has been a slightly quieter year for Google with doodles, we think – it certainly seemed they were popping up more regularly the year before.

However, the big G has been going for quality over quantity perhaps, as this year definitely saw more flashy interactive doodles being produced.

Our favourites included the playable Les Paul guitar doodle, the interactive Muppets, the Alexander Calder three dimensional mobile, the Jules Verne undersea exploration affair, the Bunsen burner experiment and the black and white silent film clip in celebration of Charlie Chaplin.

Doubtless 2012 will feature more fancy doodles – perhaps even one to mark the end of the Mayan calendar…

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  1. bdr says:

    Oh, I thought 2011 had more doodles that the year before, well for me there were some very memorable ones. I am surprised that the NYE one is quite tame in comparison to some of the animated ones they have done throughout the year.

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