IE slides, Chrome gains in browser wars

Chrome poised to overtake Firefox according to Net Applications
Adam Smith

January 2, 2012
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Once again, when it comes to the month of December in terms of web browsers, there was one clear winner and one clear loser.

According to Net Applications, Internet Explorer slid 0.8% last month down to a market share of 51.9%. It’ll likely only be a few months before it slips below the 50% mark.

Chrome on the other hand continued to chomp up market share, putting on 0.9% to reach 19.1% of the market.

That means Google’s browser is now breathing down Firefox’s neck, with Mozilla falling by 0.3% in December to 21.8%. Again, in a few months time Chrome will almost certainly overtake Firefox.

That’s already happened, mind you, according to StatCounter which said that Chrome had passed Firefox in worldwide usage in November.

Safari held at a 5% market share in fourth place, followed by Opera which put on 0.1% to rise slightly to 1.7%.

Microsoft, however, is rather ignoring these figures, and instead pointing to the considerable growth which the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE9, is experiencing under its latest OS.

In fact IE9 is poised to overtake IE8 as the dominant browser under Windows 7, but that doesn’t change the bigger picture of a continued and sustained decline in Internet Explorer’s overall market share.

92% of web surfing was performed on a desktop browser, Net Applications found, with 8% on mobile devices (including tablets).

The top mobile browser was Safari on 53%, then Opera Mini on 22%. The Android browser claimed 16% of the market, with Symbian on 3.3%.

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