LG reveals more on 55 inch OLED TV

Uses 4 colour pixels and a colour refiner to produce some impressive images, LG claims
Darren Allan

January 2, 2012

Remember the 55 inch OLED set we wrote about late last week? Well LG has revealed some more details about the monster, super-thin television ahead of its debut at CES next week.

The 55 incher is distinct from other OLED models because it employs 4 colour pixels and a colour refiner to produce more natural and consistent colours, not to mention a sharper picture.

The industry standard is of course three colours, red, green and blue or RGB, whereas LG is adding a fourth colour, white. The refiner ensures more consistency in colours and also a wider viewing angle.

All at a lower cost than the standard OLED tech, which is a very important point when it comes to the price of this 55 inch monster.

Previously OLED sets have been pretty compact due to cost issues, and while this TV is never going to be cheap, LG is claiming the price tag isn’t going to be astronomical.

Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment, commented: “Working closely with LG Display, we have a product which not only delivers on all the advantages of OLED over LCD but at a significantly lower cost than what could be achieved using existing OLED manufacturing technologies.”

“OLED is clearly the future of home TV entertainment and LG is very focused on making this exciting technology as easy as possible for consumers to embrace.”

LG also boasts that this new OLED set is 1,000 times more responsive than LED or LCD when it comes to fast movement, so action scenes should be blur-free.

It’s also an incredibly thin TV at only 4mm, weighing 7.5 kg in total which makes it a good candidate for wall mounting.

4 colour us excited… we can’t wait to see this one revealed at CES. LED is predicted to be the set of choice when it comes to 2012, but should this solution prove relatively cost effective for a 55 inch set, perhaps 2013 will be the year for OLED.


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