Sony Tablet S dropped by $100

Sony's tablet needs some help to shift from the shelves, it would seem
Darren Allan

January 2, 2012
Sony Tablet S and P

Sony’s Tablet S – that’s the full size media tablet (on the left of the picture), not the small 3DS lookalike – has had its price cut over in the US.

You can now grab the basic 16GB version of the Tablet S for $399 Stateside, that’s $100 less than it was before the middle of December.

The more capacious 32GB Tablet S runs to $499.

Previously Sony had discounted the 16GB model by $50 on the run up to Christmas, but now it seems more drastic action is needed.

Which can only mean one thing – that the Tablet S is struggling to define itself in an increasingly crowded tablet market.

The iPad 3 coming out in the spring isn’t likely to help, either, and it could be that Sony finds itself with another fiscal hole leaking cash badly in the form of its tablet venture.

Not much is going right for the firm lately, with the PlayStation Vita having been launched in Japan but seeing sales figures stall badly in only its second week.

That’s another device with an imminent price cut due, we reckon – should be interesting to see how much it costs at launch in the UK come February.

And of course, it’ll also be interesting to see whether the price cut of the Tablet S will also be brought across to the UK.

The 9.4 inch slate is currently at an RRP of £400, although it has been chopped to £350 by Currys and PC World already. If it drops further than that, the slate may prove tempting, particularly for those with Sony TVs who can use the remote control functionality.


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