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More minimalist, but at the same time involves more clicking
Adam Smith
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Google has been tweaking its various sites left, right and centre since the launch of Google+.

YouTube was the latest site to receive a major redesign, and now Google is turning its attention to the centrepiece of its business, the actual search page itself.

Although the changes to the home page aren’t going to be as sweeping as YouTube’s new look.

Basically, Google is getting rid of the black bar which currently runs along the top of the web page, offering quick links to news, images, shopping, Gmail and so forth.

This is to be replaced by a plain grey logo bar which contains nothing, bringing back a more minimalist appearance to the search page when first visited.

However, when highlighted the new grey bar displays icons which link to Google’s other major services via a drop down menu.

These include YouTube, News, Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, Shopping, Images – basically the stuff already in the black bar plus a number of extra properties.

However, while it might capture a more minimalist appearance, the new layout does actually require an extra click to go through to Google News or other services.

Previously you’d just click the News link at the top. With the new scheme of things, two clicks are required, one to produce the drop down menu and then a click on the requisite icon.

The theory might just be that more people will use searches on the home page rather than clicking straight through to, say, the news section, and therefore Google will get more exposure for its advertising.

Currently the refreshed home page has only been rolled out to a small section of the web surfing population, so don’t be surprised if you can’t see it yet. It shouldn’t be long before it’s rolled out more widely.

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