1.2bn apps downloaded in last week of 2011

Huge number of Android and iOS activations along with the big app numbers
Darren Allan

January 4, 2012
Android Ice Cream Sandwich

With the increasing pace of smartphone adoption comes a growth in app downloads, unsurprisingly.

But according to mobile analytics firm Flurry, the app download barrier broke new ground when it came to the final week of 2011.

The week from Christmas day to December 31st traditionally sees the most Android and iOS activations of the year, as folks turn on their sparkly new Xmas present smartphones.

And that in turn leads to a spike in app downloads, which means that for app developers, this period is the most important, rather than the run up to Christmas as with device manufacturers.

And 2011 saw some 1.2 billion app downloads in that last week, and over 20 million Android and iOS devices were activated. It’s the first time ever the billion app mark has been broken, according to Flurry’s estimates.

On Christmas day alone there were 6.8 million activations with 242 million app downloads across the globe.

The US represented the majority of those 1.2 billion app downloads, 42% of them in fact with 509 million recorded. China was in second place with 99 million downloads, followed by the UK in third with 81 million.

Canada, Germany and France were next in line, trailing behind the UK with half that amount, 40 million.

China would have been more – it should have hit around a third of America’s total rather than a fifth – but the majority of the country is non-religious and so Christmas doesn’t make an impact on sales.

On the company blog, Flurry commented: “Looking forward to 2012, Flurry expects breaking the one-billion-download-barrier per week will become more common-place. While iOS and Android growth continues to amaze, the market is still by all measures relatively nascent.”


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