Google TV recruits LG and Samsung

After a major software upgrade late last year, the net TV platform signs new hardware blood
Darren Allan

January 6, 2012
Google TV

Google TV hasn’t had the success the search giant would have liked to have seen thus far.

The net TV platform was launched back in October 2010 in the US, although immediately ran into problems with networks and VOD providers such as Hulu blocking content, and then set-top box partner Logitech pulling out on the hardware front.

Critics also voiced displeasure at the rather unwieldy interface, although the start of November last year saw Google rolling out an update to streamline the UI and improve search functionality.

The market for TV apps was also opened up via Android Market with the upgrade (150 dedicated TV apps are now available).

With all that in place – and Google claims that GTV activation rates have doubled since the implementation – the company is now preparing for a major push at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

The big news is that two new TV manufacturers have been recruited to the cause, with both LG and Samsung pledging to make Google TV powered sets.

LG will be showcasing a new line of TVs featuring Google’s platform at CES based on the company’s own L9 chipset.

Samsung won’t be showing anything now, but plans to bring out TVs later in the year.

LG and Samsung join Sony and Vizio as Google TV set manufacturers. Sony will have new products to show off at CES, too, planning models for 2012 in the US and several other countries, which we’re betting will include the UK.

Google TV has been much delayed for the UK, but should go live in the spring, if not before.


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