Samsung counting Q4 smartphone profits

Record quarter looms for the firm, with profits up 75% on last year
Darren Allan

January 6, 2012
Samsung Logo

Samsung is rubbing its hands together over the money its set to make from smartphones in its next quarterly fiscal report.

The continued strength of the Galaxy S II, which was the top selling phone in the UK ahead of the iPhone 4S last month (according to’s tracker, anyway), has driven the company’s profits.

Samsung posted a preliminary operating profit of $4.5 billion, which was 10% higher than the figure analysts expected, according to Reuters. That’s a record number, and up almost 75% on the final quarter of 2010, quite a jump.

Although the final figure may vary a few percent from that $4.5 billion, it’s clear that 2011 has been an excellent year for the firm.

Samsung is now the top smartphone manufacturer in the world ahead of Apple.

It’s difficult to imagine that just two years ago, before the launch of the original Galaxy S, Samsung was a relatively minor player in the smartphone world.

The Galaxy S III is likely to be revealed at Mobile World Congress next month, with rumours indicating it will have quite the tech spec, including a 1.8GHz quad core processor.

There’s every chance it will forge ahead prolonging the big sales numbers in 2012 – the iPhone 5 isn’t due out until the autumn.


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