Samsung unveils 55 inch OLED TV

Comes with motion detecting camera for gesture and voice control

January 10, 2012
Samsung Logo

LG isn’t the only company showing off a big screen OLED set at CES.

Samsung has unveiled one, too, and in fact it’s the same size as LG’s planned OLED TV, a 55 inch monster.

While LG is talking up its four colour pixels for a more natural and consistent picture, along with the steps it has taken to rein in the price of the TV to some extent, Samsung has a different tack.

Samsung doesn’t mention anything about price – although we can take it as read that a 55 inch OLED set is going to be pretty expensive, whichever way you dice it – instead preferring to enthuse about many extra features this smart TV will have.

Naturally, boasting has been done regarding the picture, too. Samsung is claiming that the TV’s colour reproduction is some 40% more accurate than today’s LCDs which are LED backlit.

The motion response is also hugely better, just as with LG’s set, as this is all part of the advantage of OLED when it comes to tracking fast movement and producing more vibrant and accurate colours.

Samsung has also put an HD camera on board this TV, although this isn’t a mere webcam for online chatting. The set sports full motion control in a Kinect style, and also includes face recognition and voice recognition, beating Apple to the punch there, if the Cupertino company’s rumoured Siri-driven smart TV does indeed exist.

Voice powered web search, as provided by Kinect on the Xbox now, is also on the menu.

The 55 inch OLED behemoth will be equipped with a dual-core processor to ensure multi-tasking with a number of apps will be a smooth experience. An updated Smart Hub, streamlined and equipped with a tabbed web browser, is also promised.

Other family oriented features will come with the television, including a motion controlled fitness program, games for the kids, along with photo and media organisation facilities.

A launch date hasn’t yet been announced, but like LG we assume Samsung will be pushing this TV out at some stage this year.


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