Best selling games of 2011

Modern Warfare 3 was top, unsurprisingly, but what other big sellers conquered 2011?
Darren Allan

January 12, 2012
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

You may have been wondering what the best selling games of last year were across all platforms.

Though you aren’t likely to be stumped as to what the top selling game was – with Call of Duty easily running away with the top spot, as ever, according to UKIE.

Modern Warfare 3 set new sales records, tallying $1 billion in global revenue in 16 days, making not only more money than any video game, but also accumulating cash at a faster pace than the film Avatar which took 17 days to notch up a billion.

The latest Call of Duty is now officially the fastest selling entertainment property ever.

Those who have watched the chart will find it no surprise that FIFA 12 is the second best selling title of 2011. It’s been a constant fixture in the UK chart since its release in the autumn, and has been back at number one for the last two weeks.

Modern Warfare 3′s rival, Battlefield 3, managed to snag third place, another EA title which created quite a buzz.

And in fourth place we have Zumba Fitness, which has been a strong seller throughout the summer, although its numbers fell off in the autumn.

Zumba Fitness was by far and away the game which spent the most time at number one, with thirteen weeks at the top in total (ten of those on the trot). Modern Warfare 3 only managed four weeks at the top, but in the far busier autumn sales window.

Skyrim was the number five best selling game of 2011, which again won’t come as much of a surprise. In fact, the only real shocker of the top titles is how well Zumba did, indicating casual gaming is a pretty strong force.

Just Dance 3 was at number six, another casual title, followed by Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, LA Noire, Saints Row: The Third and Batman: Arkham City rounding off the top ten.

We’d have expected Batman to perform better than number ten, mind you.

Dorian Bloch, Business Group Director at GfK Chart-Track, commented: “2011 finished strongly for the traditional console gaming markets thanks to the arrival of 3DS to re-invigorate the hand-held gaming arena and also the notable UK phenomenon of Xbox 360, which sold more software both in units and revenue than any year since its launch back in 2005.”

“Most of the All Formats Top 10 best-sellers of 2011 were released in Q4 which meant that for the first time over half of the entire year’s software revenue occurred in just the last quarter of the year.”


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