Virgin Media to boost broadband speeds

Doubling up of connection speeds is planned, along with fair usage limits before throttling

January 12, 2012
Virgin Media UK

Virgin Media has announced plans to considerably beef up the performance of its broadband network with a £110 million investment.

The company intends to boosts its top speed package to reach 120Mbps, faster than rival BT, and to double up the broadband speeds of some four million UK households.

This upgrade programme will begin next month and run for a year and a half, with expected completion in mid-2013.

The precise breakdown of the speed increases is that 10Mb customers will be doubled up to 20Mb lines, and 20Mb along with 30Mb increased to 60Mb.

The 50Mb package will become 100Mb, and the top end 100Mb lines will get a boost to 120Mb.

Upstream speeds will be increased in proportion to those figures, and fair usage allowance before throttling kicks in will be doubled up, too. All good news for Virgin customers, doubtless, and the best news being that subscription charges will remain unaltered.

Those with an old style modem will also get a free upgrade to Virgin’s latest model which is future-proofed to the tune of handling speeds of up to 400Mb.

The move comes ahead of BT’s planned doubling up of its FTTC service from 40Mb to 80Mb which is due to begin this spring.

Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, commented: “Faster broadband speeds are great for customers and great for business, which is why our policy is to deliver superfast broadband to 90% of the country by 2015. Virgin Media’s plans to double broadband speeds are really exciting and we applaud their ambition.”


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  1. Ms P A Bond says:

    I have had Virgin broadband for quite a few years but the speed of my broadband is getting worse and worse you can have a nap while your waiting for it to respond so were is all this speed?? Can you help me??

  2. James says:

    Go onto the official virgin media forums. They will be able to help. With Virgin Media, there is a lot of things which can go wrong.

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