BT Vision to get social media revamp

Keeping up with the Netflix's by adding social elements and more interactivity
Darren Allan

January 17, 2012
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BT is planning on revamping its internet TV platform with new social media features.

The move comes as the competition in the streaming TV market hots up with the launch of Netflix in the UK. Lovefilm has already responded to this, signing a deal with ABC to bring US shows such as Grey’s Anatomy to its streaming service in this country.

It’s true that Netflix hasn’t exactly gone down a storm since its launch, with critical and consumer reaction to the content on offer being lukewarm.

Still, BT (and Lovefilm) evidently recognises that it’s early days and the service will likely be bolstered, so the company has taken steps to introduce social facets to ensure BT Vision isn’t seen as behind the times.

According to the Financial Times, these features will be live in the next few weeks, and as you’d expect will include the integration of both Facebook and Twitter.

Personalised recommendations will be another new facet, and your BT Vision toting friends will be able to see what you’re watching, and vice versa naturally enough.

A fresh look and increased levels of interactivity are also promised, although the exact details are a little sketchy at this point.

BT Vision has around 650,000 subscribers, as of late last year anyway, and the company is evidently making a push to increase that number.

YouView is of course due to launch this year, on top of Sky and Virgin which also offer live and on-demand streaming, so the competition is only going to get tougher as 2012 progresses.


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