Skype due for Windows Phone at MWC?

And for the Xbox and Windows 8 in due course

January 17, 2012

Microsoft bought up Skype late last year, at considerable cost, and since then MS device owners have been expecting the fruits of that particular agreement to start showing up.

Indeed, Skype for Windows Phone was expected to pitch up before the end of last year, although obviously that didn’t happen.

It seems that confirmation has emerged that a version of Skype tailored for Microsoft’s mobile OS will be out soon, though, via an interview with Skype’s VP of Product at the CES show last week.

He said that the Windows Phone version would be out “soon” which should hopefully mean in the next month or so, given that it was due last year.

Indeed, next month is Mobile World Congress, and that would seem the obvious slot for Microsoft to launch in.

However, if it does come out at MWC, this won’t be a fully integrated Skype for the OS, but rather an interim measure which does the job for now.

Sources reckon that Skype won’t be fully and seamlessly merged into Windows Phone until Apollo, the next major incarnation of the OS, blasts off late in 2012 (well, that’s the plan).

Skype will also be coming to other Microsoft platforms, such as the Xbox and Windows 8, in due course this year.


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