Xbox 720 slated for autumn 2013

Pencil in October 2013 on your calendar...
Darren Allan

January 25, 2012

The next Xbox – yes, we’re still calling it the Xbox 720 for the time being – could be arriving in not much more than a year and a half.

At least that’s the latest piece of speculation from the console rumour mill, which ties up with what previous whispers indicated last year.

We were expecting an E3 reveal next year followed by a Christmas launch, and an IGN article is pointing to an autumn 2013 launch possibly in late October, leaving plenty of time to cash in on the Xmas shopping period.

“Sources close to the project” have also been spilling some details about the hardware which will allegedly be ensconced in the Xbox 720.

Apparently the console will be six times as powerful as the 360 in terms of the processor, although the GPU won’t be based on the new AMD 7000 series as some had assumed.

Rather it’ll be built on what could now be considered as older technology, and certainly will be come late 2013 – the 6000 range. In fact, IGN named a specific card: the Radeon HD 6670.

Of course, this information may be incorrect, but IGN’s source certainly seems to be very specific in its revelations.

The fact is that the cost needs to be kept down for a console, so this sort of AMD solution is probably in the right ballpark.

The article notes that the Xbox 720 will still have six times the graphical oomph of the 360, and that it’s expected to be 20% more powerful than the Wii U, Nintendo’s upcoming console sequel due out this year.

Other estimations have put the Wii U at around 50% more powerful than the current Xbox, so the maths doesn’t all add up. By IGN’s source’s estimation, the Wii U should be five times more powerful than the Xbox 360 (if the Xbox 720 is 20% more powerful than the Wii U).

But this is all guesswork, of course. We won’t really know until the hardware has officially been announced.

The PS4 is still rumoured to be scheduled for 2014, which isn’t good news for Sony, giving Microsoft a year’s head-start on them again. And Nintendo a two year head-start.


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