BlackBerry bucks downward trend in UK

Smartphone share is up in the UK, but heavily down elsewhere such as the States

January 31, 2012
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Rim has been having a bad time of it in general throughout 2011, and indeed this January, a month which witnessed the Co-CEOs of the company stepping down.

However, UK market share remained resilient throughout the year and in fact actually went up, against the grain of performance in the US.

Indeed, according to an article in the Telegraph, Rim is claiming figures which show that the BlackBerry is the number one smartphone in the UK.

Last year, BlackBerry hit an average UK smartphone market share of 27.7% (8.5 million users), which was more than anybody else.

Of course Android phones were top of the league by some distance in OS terms, and have been for some time, but Rim is talking about individual phone manufacturers, not whole operating systems.

The last figures we saw, from ComTech for November, showed Android held a 50% share of the market, with top manufacturer HTC being responsible for 45% of that figure. BlackBerry was about level with that on 22.5%, so its market share is up considerably over Christmas according to the latest figures.

BlackBerry phones are popular with the younger and are growing stronger in the developing world. But that and the UK aside, they’ve slid badly across 2011, with the company’s PlayBook tablet also failing to sell.

That situation has led to the company shedding 75% of its value on the stock exchange last year.

There’s a lot riding on the company’s up and coming fresh OS, BlackBerry 10, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like that will emerge until later this year.

Meanwhile, whether the UK market will remain resilient we shall have to see, but it has clearly and decisively bucked the trend thus far.


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