UK prisoners in Facebook scandal

Some taunted victims from behind bars via the social network
Adam Smith


The idea of prison, naturally enough, is a punishment for a crime committed against society, whereby the perpetrator is locked away and isolated from society for his or her misdeed.

So the emergence of the fact that a number of prisoners have been on Facebook, keeping in contact with the outside world, hasn’t gone down at all well.

Even worse, some of the prisoners have apparently been taunting victims via the social network, according to an article in the Daily Mail.

The piece states that official figures from the Ministry of Justice show that over the last two years, some 350 inmates in the UK have been caught using smuggled mobile phones to access Facebook and the internet.

While TV and game consoles may be, mobiles and/or internet access isn’t an allowed privilege.

Jean Taylor from Families Fighting for Justice told the Mail: “These perpetrators should not be able to have access to mobile phones in prison.”

“They are getting away with torturing their victims. The social networking sites should police this much more closely.”

As indeed should the prisons. At the very least, we hope those who have been caught taunting victims via the internet will have their total lack of remorse taken into account when it comes to reviewing how long their stay in jail will last.

Facebook was quick to stress that if an account is in violation of its usage policy, it will take swift action to close it down.

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