Sky Go imminent for Android

Android users will get their hands on the app before the end of the month
Darren Allan

February 1, 2012

The Sky Go app is already available on iOS devices and has been for some time, along with the PC and Xbox.

It’s been a long wait for Android devotees, who were told earlier last year that the app would likely be ported over to Google’s OS before the end of 2011.

The good news is that the company has announced the launch of the free Sky Go app on the Android Market before the end of February. However, there are some catches here…

Sky Go allows you to watch channels including news and sports when you’re on the move, along with the movie channels (with on-demand flicks) providing your Sky subscription allows you access to these.

Sky Atlantic has also just been added to the Sky Go mix, and Android users will have this from the get-go, along with Sky 1 as well.

The downside to the launch is that the app isn’t being made available across all Android handsets.

Sky is only making it available for the “most popular” Android phones, namely Samsung and HTC handsets. That apparently means the Galaxy S and sequel, various models of the HTC Desire (all but the Z), along with the Sensation and Incredible S.

The excuse given for this Samsung and HTC-only policy is that Android devices are all different, and the app needs to be tailored to each.

Other developers seem to manage a launch across all smartphones on the platform, though.

Similarly, Android tablet users are going to have to wait as well.

Sky noted in a statement: “We are continuing to invest in Sky Go to bring more great entertainment and value to our customers, and we look forward to bringing more developments to the service as the year progresses.”

Further support for devices, and also for on-demand content – some reports indicate this won’t be available initially – are the obvious elements which will be added down the line.


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