Asus Transformer getting ICS this month

Owners of the original Asus slate will soon catch up with Prime users

February 6, 2012

Having watched Transformer Prime owners playing with Ice Cream Sandwich on their next-gen tablets, owners of the original Transformer have been badgering Asus about when their upgrade is due.

Well, the good news is you shouldn’t have to wait much longer. Asus has updated its Facebook page to say that Android 4.0 should be landing on the original tablet before the month is out.

Asus posted: “A few of you have asked for a specific date on the ICS update for TF101. We don’t have an exact date yet but it should be this month. Our engineers are all back from their Chinese New Year celebrations so we will have an up to date schedule shortly. As soon as we do, we’ll let you know on here, so stay tuned!”

Of course, the lack of an exact date and the fact that it “should be” February mean it could slip, as ever. But from the sounds of it, it will be March if not February, and the Transformer will soon enough benefit from ICS.

Meanwhile, in other Asus Transformer news, despite claims from the company that the UK stock of the new Prime doesn’t suffer from wi-fi issues, online retailer Clove has stopped selling its early stock of the device due to complaints from buyers.

The retailer is now testing the stock itself, which doesn’t instil huge confidence in Asus’s earlier assurances.

Asus has already admitted there is a problem with the Prime’s GPS facility, and has actually removed the mention of GPS from the tablet’s spec sheet.


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