Virgin cable now available to 10m homes

Super-fast broadband roll out is ahead of schedule

February 6, 2012
Virgin Media UK

Virgin Media has announced that its fibre network now reaches 10 million households in the UK.

The roll out of its cable, which allows for up to 100Mbps broadband speeds (soon to be upped to a maximum of 120Mbps), has just been made available in the Bromley, Dundee, Norton Hawkfield and Staverton areas.

In fact, Virgin’s super-fast roll out is ahead of schedule. It was due to be completed in the middle of 2012, but the company reckons it will be done before spring is out.

Virgin is also just about to embark on a program to double up the speeds of its various fibre packages without altering the prices.

10Mbps packages are being doubled up to 20Mbps lines, and 20Mbps along with 30Mbps are to be increased to 60Mbps. 50Mbps and 100Mbps customers will get a boost to 120Mbps.

Virgin points to an explosion in internet usage along with the spread of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices such as smart TVs, and says its fat pipes are built to handle the rising demands of an entire household.

Virgin’s network is apparently now carrying twice as much data as it did two years ago.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, commented: “Soon half the country will be able to get superfast 100Mb broadband from us. Reaching today’s milestone puts us ahead of schedule as we help propel the UK up the global broadband rankings.”

“Broadband is coming of age as more people give up on slow DSL in favour of superfast fibre optic speeds.”

Cable achieves much higher average speeds because it doesn’t degrade with line length or line quality as does copper-based DSL.


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