Apple seeks Galaxy Nexus ban in US

Legal battle continues with another round of alleged patent infringements
Darren Allan

February 13, 2012

The latest in a long line of legal volleys between Apple and Samsung has been fired.

And it’s Apple which is taking pot-shots again, this time with a series of patent infringement accusations which cover various mobile phone technologies.

Apple filed this latest episode in the legal soap opera last week in California, accusing Samsung of the violation of at least four patents.

Apple Insider notes that these patents cover the following areas:

“Method, System, and Graphical User Interface for Providing Word Recommendations.”
“System and Method for Performing an Action on a Structure in Computer-Generated Data.”
“Unlocking a Device by Performing Gestures on an Unlock Image.”
“Universal Interface for Retrieval of Information in a Computer System.”

So basically systems involving word completion, search and indeed something as simple as a phone unlocking gesture.

Not only has Apple fired this lot off, but the company is also seeking to do some real damage to Samsung by claiming a preliminary injunction banning the new Galaxy Nexus from sale in the States.

Samsung, no doubt, will have another counter-suit in the offing before long.

And Google, which should see its acquisition of Motorola approved next week, will then have that company’s massive war chest of nearly 20,000 patents to play with.

So we can likely expect some further fire on Apple in defence of Android.

We’ve said it many times before, and we’ll say it again: This is all getting a little silly.

Litigation is reaching critical levels and is in danger of stifling innovation. After all, what do smaller, nascent tech firms make of all this?

Because unlike Samsung, they won’t be able to foot the bill to afford to fire back at Apple’s high-powered lawyers.


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