Google gears up for “entertainment device”

Set to challenge Apple and Sonos on the wireless music front

February 13, 2012
Google Logo

Google is set to make the move into its own branded hardware this year, it would seem.

A number of reports have sprung up across the net pertaining to an “entertainment device” which the firm is now working on.

This would be a hardware product which can wirelessly stream music to other devices, controllable via an Android smartphone.

Google is clearly taking aim at Apple’s territory once more (Airplay) and indeed wireless music hardware manufacturer Sonos.

Google’s new system would be tied up with its music service, naturally, and will likely employ NFC technology to allow users to simply touch a chip to a hi-fi to play an album.

The hardware is likely to employ Motorola’s expertise – assuming the acquisition deal goes ahead as planned – although it will carry the Google brand name (as opposed to the Nexus smartphones, which carry the manufacturer Samsung’s moniker).

Couple this development with the renewed push on Google TV this year – LG and Samsung have now been brought on board to manufacture GTV enabled sets, along with Sony – and it’s clear the search company is serious about extending its influence in the entertainment sphere.

It’s not a stretch to see the eventual end goal of a combined all-media device which does music and TV tied into Google’s content platforms.

Google’s wireless music device is apparently still a prototype, although it has reportedly been tested in several hundred employee homes at this point.

The deal for Motorola is expected to be finalised next week, and should that be the case, we can expect development to step up.

As to when we’ll actually see this product; well, not for some time yet.


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