Tesco “unlimited” broadband for £2.50

New budget broadband and phone package from the supermarket chain

February 14, 2012

Tesco has launched a new offer for an “unlimited” broadband package bundled with a phone line rental.

While the broadband package is charged at £2.50 per month, the phone line rental is £13.75 to make a monthly total of £16.25 for both.

The phone package includes free weekend and evening calls.

The offer is good for the first year of subscription, whereby the cost of the broadband reverts to £6.50, still not exactly the Earth.

However, when Tesco say “unlimited” broadband, they don’t really mean unlimited, but 100GB’s worth.

Heavier users will be throttled and penalised for any excess above 100GB.

The other catch is that you need a Tesco Clubcard to sign up. And that makes us wonder whether Tesco might have any access to the data of where you surf, tied up to your card and shopping habits. Probably not, we guess…

The bundle comes complete with a wireless router, and a standard 12 month contract, or you can elect to pay a one-off fee for a rolling 30 day contract.

The package is certainly competitive and in fairness, 100GB is a pretty expansive limit for a budget end broadband deal.

It compares favourably with the likes of BT, of course, and even cheaper offerings from Sky.

Although if Tesco get a stampede of folks signing up in these cash-strapped times, given the generous limit, we also have to wonder about issues such as contention ratios and the quality/speed you’ll actually get.


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