LG Optimus 3D 2 details leaked

Improved IPS display is promised along with a slimmer profile
Darren Allan

Mobile World Congress (MWC) will soon get underway at the end of this month, and as it approaches leaks of upcoming smartphones are getting more common. Not that they’re uncommon in the first place, anyway.

The latest (alleged) leak is the successor to LG’s 3D capable smartphone, the Optimus 3D.

The LG Optimus 3D 2 will have – apart from a slightly clunky looking name (perhaps they should have gone for Roman numerals) – a much improved 3D display.

In fact, it will be a High Definition AH-IPS display, as featured in the Optimus LTE, GSM Arena notes. Those glasses-free 3D visuals should be even tastier.

One of the other major changes will be a slimming down of the device, with its thickness reduced to 9.8mm, and a slight weight reduction too. Which is definitely a good thing, as some critics felt the original phone (pictured) was a mite too chunky.

A white version of the Optimus 3D 2 is also due to be produced, and although it isn’t yet clear which OS will be on board, we’d be disappointed if it wasn’t Ice Cream Sandwich.

All this is still rumoured, as ever, but we’ve only got a couple of weeks to wait before MWC to find out.

Given that 3D smartphones haven’t exactly been blazingly popular, however, perhaps the real question is – will a sequel model perform any better for LG?

We’re not convinced, although if the display is a really high quality affair, perhaps it will see more adoption.

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