iPad 3 processor pic leaked

An incremental upgrade, once again, for the next iPad's CPU?
Darren Allan

February 20, 2012

Another iPad 3 rumour has been spilled, and we can expect a few more over the next couple of weeks.

It’s only just over two weeks time until the tablet is supposed to be officially unveiled, but the latest piece of speculation comes regarding an image of the processor which has been leaked.

This was posted up on a Chinese website by the name of WeiPhone, and it has spread over the internet like… well, like the latest major iPad rumour.

The real news is that the chip is labelled with an A5X model number, which suggests an incremental upgrade from the current A5 CPU. Many were thinking Apple would step things up with a new A6 processor.

Possibly even a quad-core model, given that one of the most prominent rumours is that the iPad 3 is set to feature a hugely improved “retina” resolution display (and Android tablets have already pushed forward into quad-core territory).

Which would obviously require a fair bit more power in the processing department when it comes to graphic intensive apps and games.

The pic and model number have led some to speculate that perhaps the iPad 3, much like the iPad 2, won’t be as big a step on as everyone is thinking it could be. And that the major upgrading is being saved for the iPad 4.

We’re not so sure. Given that the iPad 2 was very much an incremental upgrade, we’re thinking that Apple surely has to step things up further with a juicier introduction on the hardware front this time around.

We may, of course, be completely wrong. There’s just a fortnight before we find out now.


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