LG 4X HD quad-core phone unveiled

Tegra 3 quad-core with a power-saving "companion" core

February 23, 2012
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LG has continued to spill the beans about its line-up of smartphones to be revealed at next week’s Mobile World Congress.

We’ve already heard about the Optimus Vu, the 5 inch display rival to the Galaxy Note (which also comes with a stylus).

And now it has emerged that the Optimus 3D Max will be another handset on display. It follows on from the Optimus 3D, and offers glasses-free three dimensional shenanigans on a 4.3 inch display.

It’ll be a slimmer unit powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, and will have twin rear cameras, plus support for HDMI and DNLA.

The big news, however, is the upcoming LG 4X HD – a quad-core smartphone, no less, with the processor clocked at 1.5GHz.

The 4X’s display – no jokes about Australian lager, now – will also be a capacious affair, in fact nearly equal to the Optimus Vu at 4.7 inches.

It also has HDMI and DNLA support, and naturally the device will run Ice Cream Sandwich, but with a fresh LG UI overlaid.

Should you be concerned about the battery life of a quad-core phone – and rightly so – the 4X apparently has a 2150mAh battery, but moreover the Tegra 3 processor boasts a 4+1 “companion” core design.

This means there’s a single core alongside the four main cores, and the chip uses only that for basic tasks such as web browsing. The quad-cores are only switched on when they’re needed, hence they’re not a drain on the battery during run-of-the-mill operation.

Are quad-core phones set to push Android even further ahead in the smartphone race this year? We shall see…


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