PS Vita launch games dominate UK chart

Uncharted and FIFA hit the number one and two spots
Darren Allan

February 27, 2012
PlayStation Vita

Last week saw the launch of the PlayStation Vita, and Sony’s handheld gaming machine has well outsold the 3DS in terms of opening week software numbers.

In March 2011 when the 3DS went on sale, the most exciting launch title, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, only managed to reach number four in the UK all-format game chart. That represented 15% of 3DS week one software sales. Pilotwings was the second best-seller at number six.

In marked contrast to that, the two biggest Vita launch titles, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and FIFA Football, hit the number one and two spots upon launch.

Uncharted, the new number one, captured a 31% share of Vita units shifted, and FIFA managed 18%, still more than Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition last year.

So that’s definitely good news for Sony on the Vita front – and this isn’t even counting digital sales. Incidentally, according to Chart Track (who maintain the chart data), four out of five Vita consoles sold were the wi-fi version (as opposed to the more expensive 3G model).

Those two Vita titles pushed last week’s number one, UFC Undisputed 3, down to number three.

FIFA 12 found itself buoyed back up to number four, and Rayman Origins shot back up the chart to number five thanks to the new Vita version (which was the fourth best-selling Vita game).

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games was at number six, followed by the first non-Vita new entry at number seven – the reboot of Syndicate. We must admit, we thought the latter game would do better than that.

The top ten was rounded off by the usual suspects; Modern Warfare 3, followed by Battlefield 3 and then Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The third best-selling Vita game, Wipeout 2048, didn’t quite make the top ten (with no other formats to back up its sales unlike Rayman), finishing just outside it at number eleven.

Sony best not get carried away with the Vita’s initial success, though. In Japan, the launch numbers were also big, but sales quickly tailed off. There’s a definite danger many folks will be biding their time, awaiting a 3DS style price cut this summer.


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