Xbox 720 is codenamed “Durango”

Could it be unveiled at this year's E3?
Darren Allan

February 29, 2012

There have been some more whispers on the next-gen Xbox grapevine.

Apparently a developer summit happened for the console this week, attended by a Crytek dev who leaked the existence of the meeting by a tweet (which has since been deleted).

According to Slashgear, Sean Tracy tweeted that: “Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks.”

It would seem, then, that the codename for the next Xbox is Durango, although of course that has no bearing on the final name – which may or may not be the Xbox 720. We’ll still stick to calling it that for now, we think.

Durango sounds a bit too much like an animated cartoon Western for our liking.

Crytek is said to be developing TimeSplitters 4 for the Xbox 720. Both Bethesda and Lionhead are reportedly currently hiring for work on next-gen titles.

Rumours are currently abounding that Microsoft may be planning an Xbox 720 reveal at this year’s E3.

The latest on the launch date indicates autumn 2013 as the target for MS to hit, which would mean an unveiling at next year’s E3. Although there’s no reason why a taster might not be available at this year’s show in June.

That would certainly help detract from the Nintendo Wii U reveal.


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