iPad 3 or iPad HD?

Could Apple depart from its numerical naming scheme with the next iPad?
Darren Allan

March 5, 2012

Inevitably, there’s time for one last flurry of iPad related rumours before the slate is (almost certain to be) unveiled this Wednesday.

And Gizmodo reckons that the iPad 3 won’t be called number three, but rather it will bear the moniker the iPad HD.

That would make sense given that the central feature, if the majority of speculation is to be believed, is that the new iPad will have a high resolution “retina” display as its main selling point.

Gizmodo got this information from part listings gleaned from Griffin and Belkin, which mention an iPad HD.

Other rumours have indicated that the iPad 3 won’t have a “super-resolution” display, however. We still think that Apple needs to do something more with the next iPad than the firm managed with the iPad 2, and that super-display would be the perfect advance to try and sell more tablets.

Still, all will be revealed the day after tomorrow, and we’ll be sure to bring you the news as it happens.

Meanwhile, rumours regarding a second, smaller 8 inch iPad also continue to persist. While that might not be launched this week, it may be revealed later on this year to give folks a more budget friendly alternative, and to challenge the Kindle Fire.

We’re still not so sure about that one – the budget iPhone rumours have never come to fruition, despite being pretty persistent.


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