Samsung Galaxy S III due April?

The next Galaxy S is just around the corner, apparently...
Adam Smith

March 5, 2012
Samsung Logo

The latest rumour regarding Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone indicates that the handset will emerge a little sooner than some thought.

The last date we’d heard was around April or perhaps May time, but the latest speculation highlighted by Boy Genius Report is that the phone will be out in the UK next month.

That will give the Galaxy S III a long time to gain a healthy wedge of sales, well ahead of the iPhone 5’s launch this autumn.

The Galaxy S III packs some considerable specs, and like many Android phones coming out this year, it boasts a 1.5GHz quad-core processor.

Allegedly it will also have a large 4.8 inch 1080p display, twin cameras (the main one being an 8 megapixel affair) and 4G LTE support (not that LTE will be relevant in the UK market just yet).

Apparently Samsung has a major advertising campaign planned for the S III to coincide with the Olypmics.

Samsung didn’t show the S III at the recent Mobile World Congress, though it did roll out the Galaxy Beam, an Android smartphone with a built-in mini-projector. The S III is big enough to demand its own launch event.


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