Asus to produce Google’s Nexus Tablet?

A quad-core slate with a $199 target price tag, so rumour has it...

March 6, 2012
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Rumours of an upcoming Nexus tablet from Google are becoming more concrete, and it seems we could see the device this year – maybe even early on this summer.

And whereas Samsung produces the Nexus phones for Google, it seems that Asus might be brought on board to make the tablet.

According to Android and Me, two separate industry sources confirmed that Asus will manufacture a 7 inch Android tablet for Google, powered by a Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

The device will boast a highly ambitious target price of $199, to take on Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which has been making good headway since its launch late last year. And indeed the rumoured iPad Mini – which could be launched this autumn – is looking towards the budget market, too.

Asus is the manufacturer of choice as it’s already producing a cheap $250 quad-core tablet of its own, and Google is apparently asking for a few further corners to be cut in order to get that price right down.

Also we heard yesterday that Asus was boasting it will be in the first wave of manufacturers to get the next incarnation of Android, Jelly Bean, on its devices. Which would certainly make sense if it was producing the official Nexus tablet.

June is the potential target date for launch, as by all accounts, Google doesn’t want to hang about when it comes to the tablet market.

And both Amazon and Apple would have to be worried about such a cheap quad-core model being made available, particularly if Google can keep the hardware up to scratch in terms of responsiveness.

One of the criticisms of the Kindle Fire is that it feels a little sluggish to use, and a quad-core processor should certainly ensure there isn’t anything slothful about the nature of the Nexus slate.


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