TalkTalk doubles up FTTC to 80Mbps

Upgrade coming in April, with FTTC to offer 20Mbps uploads

March 13, 2012
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TalkTalk has announced that it will follow BT’s lead in doubling the speed of its fibre-to-the-cabinet service (FTTC).

FTTC currently offers speeds of 40Mbps, but last year BT announced that it was going to double that with an infrastructure upgrade to 80Mbps.

That 80Mbps upgrade is going to be made available to third-party ISPs’ unbundled services, provisioned by BT, starting from April.

TalkTalk has now confirmed it will be upgrading, and that its FTTC will offer not only 80Mbps download speeds, but 20Mbps upload speeds, for an extra £15 per month over and above the basic package.

That’s a pretty competitive sounding price, particularly given the 20Mbps upload speed.

While the service isn’t available until April, you can check if you’re in an FTTC enabled area and register your interest at the TalkTalk website now.

Tristia Clarke, Commercial Director at TalkTalk, commented: “Demand is continuing to increase for superfast broadband as more customers use their internet connections to watch live television, stream HD content, talk to their friends and family or play games that require real time responses.”

“We expect our new Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband to be very popular as it will allow the whole family to enjoy seamless connectivity and high upload and download speeds for unbeatable value.”


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