Virgin to offer free wi-fi on the Tube

Some 120 stations to be covered by the end of the year, but post-Olympics, it won't be free any longer

March 15, 2012
Virgin Media UK

Virgin Media is to provide free wi-fi to the public on the London underground this summer, at least for an initial period while the Olympics is in town.

Boris Johnson confirmed the scheme yesterday, noting that some 120 Tube stations are to be covered, with the words “free access” and “unlimited use” no doubt being music to commuting Londoner’s ears.

Virgin is planning on introducing wi-fi at 80 stations to begin with, ahead of the arrival of summer, with the full 120 stations being hooked up by the end of the year.

From July 2012, travellers will be able to use the wi-fi for free, but only for a limited period. After the Olympics, it will only be available to Virgin broadband and mobile subscribers. However, an online portal carrying live TfL travel information will still be accessible for free to the public on an ongoing basis.

Boris Johnson, white-haired wonder and Mayor of London, said: “It’s vital that we harness the massive opportunities stemming from the digital revolution, by creating a vibrant, world class industry to attract investment and create jobs for Londoners.”

“Millions of passengers will now be able to connect to their work, friends or access the latest news and travel information whilst on the move. This is a fabulous new and free resource which will be in place from this summer when London is being showcased on a global stage and playing host to millions.”

Before riding off on his bicycle. Probably.


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