TalkTalk is most complained about ISP

TalkTalk tops the table in landline and fixed broadband complaints, with Orange faring worst in mobile
Darren Allan

March 23, 2012
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Once again, TalkTalk has topped the list of internet service providers when it comes to Ofcom’s measuring of complaint levels.

The report for the final quarter of 2011 showed that TalkTalk was the most moaned about ISP, with a level of 0.78 complaints per thousand customers in terms of landlines. That’s bad news for the service provider because it’s the first time its figures have gone up since Ofcom began measuring performance.

TalkTalk had been slowly coming down from a level of 1.16 complaints per thousand in the final quarter of 2010, to reach 0.77 in Q3 of 2011. While complaints only rose by 0.01, not a huge amount, it’s still movement in the wrong direction for ISP, which is the worst performing of the major service providers by a long stretch.

Sky was a distant second on 0.24 per thousand, followed by BT on 0.23, and Virgin Media on 0.18. All three of these firms saw their levels fall from the third quarter, leaving TalkTalk looking like even more of a black sheep.

When it came to fixed line broadband, TalkTalk was worst again, with complaints going up from 0.55 in Q3 to 0.61 in Q4.

Orange was second on 0.48, and BT fell to third on 0.40. Both Virgin and Sky performed well, with 0.18 and 0.17 respectively.

In terms of mobile broadband, Orange performed the worst, and with the company also coming second in fixed line broadband complaints, it wasn’t a good report for them either.

Orange was top of mobile complaints on 0.17, followed by Three on 0.15. T-Mobile, Virgin and Vodafone were all tied for third place on 0.07, with O2 the clear winner on the customer satisfaction front with a figure of just 0.02.


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