London Overground to get free wi-fi

London to be even better connected by the end of the year
Darren Allan

March 27, 2012

A fortnight ago we heard that Virgin Media will be hooking up the tube with wi-fi (and initially a free service, while the Olympics is in town), and now it seems that the London “Overground” will also get wi-fi coverage.

Plus there will be a “wombling free” element to the Overground’s wi-fi, with an hour’s worth of free usage per day promised – and that’s a permanent arrangement, not just a tempter to be withdrawn when the Olympic village empties.

The wi-fi network will be deployed by The Cloud at 56 stations, with the roll out starting this summer.

It should be finished at the end of the year, by which time Virgin will also have completed its underground roll out to 120 stations.

IT Pro noted that neither the range, nor the speed of the wi-fi network has yet been confirmed, but The Cloud has said that the connection will be suitable for streaming media, hinting at a decent bandwidth availability.

The Cloud is deploying the wi-fi hotspots in conjunction with London Overground Rail Operations Limited, or LOROL (hopefully another partner company with the acronym HARDY won’t be involved).

Steve Murphy, managing director of LOROL, commented: “Access to the internet is no longer limited solely to home or to the workplace, and people’s expectation is to be able to work and communicate effectively and seamlessly while they’re on the move.”

“We’re delighted to support this initiative which will bring reliable, free Wi-Fi to London Overground’s customers.”


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