Apple iPad rated as top tablet

Consumer Reports ranks it at the top, saying temperatures aren't a cause for concern
Darren Allan

April 3, 2012
iPad 3

The new iPad is a clear hit with consumers, judging from the amount of units it has shifted. Apple’s new retina resolution tablet shifted 3 million units over its launch weekend, triple what the iPad 2 managed.

And now it seems the tablet is a hit with Consumer Reports – the organisation that was quick to criticise the slate for potential overheating issues when it was first released. In fact it was initial tests from Consumer Reports which prompted much of the “heatgate” fracas.

Now the organisation has undertaken a further batch of tests this week, revising its opinion on the iPad heat issue, and according to a Reuters report, stating that the higher temperatures are “not a cause for concern”.

The second round of tests compared the third-generation iPad to Samsung and Asus tablets.

Consumer Reports discovered that running the iPad at full brightness on a 90-degree day, the slate’s temperature hit a maximum of 122 degrees. That was while playing a 3D game for 45 minutes solid, and it was the hottest point measured on the iPad.

It is indeed 10 degrees warmer than the iPad 2 got at 112 degrees. However, a Samsung Galaxy Tab hit 121 degrees in the same test, and the Asus Transformer Prime 117 degrees. So the new iPad is pretty much in line with expected figures.

Consumer Reports has placed the iPad at the top of its tablet rankings, praising its display and excellent colour accuracy. It did note that the high resolution screen could cause some lower resolution content to look worse, however, an unavoidable negative.

Another iPad-related survey from ChangeWave also had its results revealed this week, finding that 82 per cent of owners were happy with their tablet purchase. 16 per cent said they were only somewhat satisfied, and 2 per cent weren’t happy.

So it seems that the vast majority have embraced Apple’s new slate, and we’d expect the next batch of sales figures to reflect this – particularly now “heatgate” seems to be evaporating.


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