Apple Replacing Faulty Wi-Fi iPads?

Another issue dogging Apple's new tablet, it would seem...
Darren Allan

April 5, 2012
iPad 3

Forget “heatgate”, the fracas which erupted around the issue of exactly how hot the new iPad gets when stressed playing 3D games or other intensive activities.

According to the latest from US-based Consumer Reports, the iPad isn’t excessively hotter than some Android rivals running 3D games anyway, and the organisation voted the slate its top tablet.

However, Apple’s top dog with its flashy retina display might be suffering from another problem according to a report on 9 to 5 Mac.

The website got hold of a leaked internal AppleCare memo which indicates that the Cupertino company is investigating a series of Wi-Fi related issues pertaining to its latest wonder-tablet.

The issues include Wi-Fi connectivity dropping, slow speeds, and indeed the inability to even detect a Wi-Fi network. Much nastiness, by the sounds of things. The problem is confined to Wi-Fi-only iPads, apparently, and Apple is taking these in for a closer look – and replacing affected units.

That’s good to hear, but why it hasn’t made any details of the problem public yet is a different question.

Currently there’s a pretty big thread going on Apple Support with people complaining about their various new iPad Wi-Fi woes. That along with this memo leak will no doubt prompt some sort of official response soon. It should have been here already, though.

A typical post on the thread is: “I have a 32GB WiFi new iPad and have connectivity issues all of the time. I lose signal at work in my office and all over my house. I have a 35Mbps feed from Verizon Fios and a brand new Airport Extreme and should be able to have blazing speed, but whenever I try to use a SpeedTest app I can’t get above 5 Mbps.”

Some users on that thread are saying that they’re having issues with a 4G iPad, and that it isn’t true that the problem is confined to the Wi-Fi model.


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