Ivy Bridge iMacs coming in June

New slimline MacBook Pro also expected to debut then
Adam Smith

April 9, 2012

Apple is all set to refresh its iMac line with Ivy Bridge processors, the next step on from Sandy Bridge, and those machine will be arriving this June.

That’s the latest word from that ever-present peddler of far east rumours, Digitimes. Apparently, Digitimes heard that sources who spoke to the Economic Daily News told the publication that both Quanta and Foxconn were expected to benefit considerably from the production of the new iMac.

And that the machines would be available by the end of the second quarter, namely in June. Previously, the new iMac was expected to arrive in either June or July, so this narrows things down, and gives Apple computer fans something to look forward to soon enough.

Apparently the new iMacs will not only benefit from Ivy Bridge CPUs bolstering their processing power, but they’ll also boast an anti-glare display. New MacBook Pros, with Ivy Bridge on board as well, are also expected to be launched at the same time, the end of the second quarter.

Further rumour has it that the new MacBook Pro will take a slimline leaf from the MacBook Air’s profile, switching the traditional hard drive for an SSD, and dropping the optical drive. That will make it thinner and more portable, at the expense of storage space.

It shouldn’t be long before we see both new Mac desktops and laptops, and know for sure exactly what Apple has in store for us – but Ivy Bridge will most definitely be on the menu.


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