LG D1L smartphone due in May

A new flagship model to do battle with the Galaxy S III?
Darren Allan

April 9, 2012
LG logo

Amidst the fast moving world of Android smartphones, LG isn’t about to be caught resting on its laurels.

Along with the likes of the Optimus Vu (a rival to the Galaxy Note) and the quad-core 4X HD, LG also has another high-end Android handset which is set to be competition for the Galaxy S III when it emerges.

The LG D1L is the rather lacklustre moniker (currently just a codename) for the firm’s new flagship smartphone which is apparently due to arrive on the scene in May, so DDaily’s sources claim (via The Verge).

Apparently the phone will sport a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, not a quad-core chip, but still an extremely able processor. The display will be a 4.7 inch LCD at a resolution of 720p, and there’ll be LTE on board, as well as Ice Cream Sandwich, naturally.

Is this the makings of a true Galaxy S III competitor? It doesn’t seem quite there to us, but we’ll have to wait for the official specs of Samsung’s three-quel phone to be confirmed, along with the finalised tech sheet for the LG D1L.

At the moment, it’s anticipated that the Galaxy S III is going to be something really special, as Samsung would be foolish not to maximise the leverage the firm has with its Galaxy smartphone range by failing to produce an attractive spec.

Rumour has it that the S III will boast a 4.65 inch super-AMOLED Plus display with a 720p resolution, and a 12 megapixel camera. All should be confirmed soon enough.


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