Samsung Galaxy S III: More details

It's going to be the official device of the 2012 Olympics
Darren Allan

April 17, 2012
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Just yesterday, we were talking about the invitation which has been sent out to the press, for the Galaxy S III’s launch event on May 3rd.

Well, it’s certainly widely assumed to be the launch of the S II’s smartphone sequel, although the invite only refers to meeting the “next Galaxy”, so that’s not a 100 per cent guarantee. However, according to BGR, it will be the smartphone that’s revealed, and the tech site also unveiled a few interesting further details about the device.

Indeed, we predicted it wouldn’t be long before more concrete rumours started leaking out, if we’re this close to launch.

Apparently Samsung is planning a big, global launch and a huge marketing push – with the London event tying in with making the handset the official device of the 2012 Olympics. That must have cost Samsung a pretty penny or two.

BGR’s sources reckon that the smartphone will come in two colours – one blue and black, and the other a plain white. Both 16GB and 32GB memory options will also be available.

As has been rumoured for some time, the S III is expected to run a quad-core processor, 4G LTE, and also a 1080p display. This is still speculation though, and elsewhere, other sources have indicated that perhaps the device might only be an incremental upgrade.

In other words, Samsung’s iPhone 4S. We find that difficult to believe, although it’s certainly not impossible that the company has chosen this route. In some ways, it might make S II owners a bit happier that their phone hasn’t been completely superseded in a relatively short time frame.

However, Samsung has to compete with the iPhone 5 this year, and would probably be well advised to keep some juicy tech on board its next Galaxy S effort in order to do so ably.


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