Edinburgh adds CCTV to bus lanes to catch drivers

April 23, 2012

Edinburgh has installed CCTV cameras along the city’s bus lanes, in order to capture and prosecute drivers who use them illegally.

Ten specific routes have been initially targeted, with the CCTV cameras recording the number plates of any vehicle using the bus lanes.

All registration plates captured are then compared to a database of allowed vehicles, not least emergency services, taxis, and specific allowed drivers.

Any vehicles caught on camera using the bus lanes during operational hours, without permission, will be a sent a £60 fine.

Councillor Gordon Mackenzie said: “Bus lanes allow public transport to flow more easily around the city and get to their destination as quickly as possible, but this only happens if they are kept clear of other vehicles.

“Fining drivers who use these lanes in order to beat traffic queues, unless there is an ongoing emergency, will send out a clear message that these rules are there for good reasons, to cut congestion and pollution.”


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