China to overtake US in Smart TVs by 2014

500 million net connected TVs to be shipped in 2016

April 27, 2012
Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs, or connected flat-panel TVs as Strategy Analytics likes to call them, are set to become much more popular this year.

Previous predictions from other analysts have indicated this, and indeed Strategy Analytics’ latest report estimates that 91 million smart TVs will be shipped out globally this year.

By the end of last year, 100 million households owned at least one net connected TV, which represents a 6 per cent global household penetration. That figure is expected to increase fivefold to 502 million by 2016.

40 per cent of the TVs sold this year will be of the smart variety, and that will double up to 80 per cent come 2016.

While the US is the largest market for smart TVs now, China is expected to surpass America in 2014. In fact, the Asia-Pacific region, driven mainly by China and India, will be responsible for 42 per cent of all net TV sales in 2016, Strategy Analytics guesstimates.

Jia Wu, Director, Connected Home Devices (CHD) at Strategy Analytics, commented: “Consumers are starting to enjoy services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer on their internet-enabled televisions. The increasing availability of a broad range of other services, like Skype and YouTube, will make the proposition of connected TVs more compelling.”

Kantideep Thota, another analyst, added: “Despite rapid connected TV growth in China, its household penetration of connected TVs will remain low, with less than one-third of Chinese households owning a connected TV by the end of 2016.”

18 million smart TVs are expected to be sold in the US this year, compared to 14 million in China, the country in second place. Japan is third in the projections, with 13.6 million, and the UK fourth but some distance behind on 4.7 million.


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