Nokia PureView Lumia: Not in 2012

The super-camera might not arrive on the Windows Phone platform until later next year

April 30, 2012

A Lumia handset which boasts PureView camera technology won’t be due out in 2012, according to the latest whispers on the mobile grapevine.

You may remember that the Nokia PureView 808 was unveiled at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, with a hugely impressive 41 megapixel camera on board – a piece of tech equivalent to a proper point-and-shoot full-size digital camera.

It represented an exciting development, but the problem with the PureView 808 is that it’s a Symbian handset, an OS which is very much on its way out, Nokia now pushing Windows Phone.

Hence there was much drooling at the prospect of a Lumia handset with this sort of camera on board. Recently, folks pointed to a concept Lumia PureView 920 phone, too; and we’d expected this sort of handset to emerge with Windows Phone Apollo towards the end of the year.

Not so, apparently, according to the most recent report from This cites multiple folks within Nokia, and an analyst, as saying that Windows Phone simply isn’t ready to support this sort of tech. They reckon it’ll take a year, if not longer, before the PureView and Lumia names are combined.

So we won’t see a Lumia PureView until next year at the earliest, possibly even mid-to-late next year. That would definitely be a big shame for Microsoft, as the camera could be a major selling point for its WP range.

This is all speculation of course, but one thing’s for sure. If it doesn’t gain meaningful traction this year, Microsoft’s OS is going to start looking like something of a lame duck.


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