Spotify now on the iPad

Retina resolution supported with high-def album art
Darren Allan

May 2, 2012
Spotify Logo

Streaming music service Spotify now has an iPad app specifically designed to work on the tablet.

Previously, there was nothing stopping iPadders from using the iPhone version, but it didn’t look so great when inflated from the small screen to a 10 inch display – particularly with the new high resolution iPad.

Indeed, the new iPad app supports the “retina” resolution, and should make the visuals as smooth as the sounds of your favourite bands (assuming you’re into jazz and not heavy metal, the latter not being particularly known for its smoothness). High-definition album artwork is also included.

Version 0.5.0 of the Spotify app, aside from adding proper support for the iPad, also highlights trending songs and indeed playlists, and has seen a number of refinements to search functions.

Gapless playback and cross-fading have been introduced with this version, and a couple of bug fixes too. Crashing issues related to updating playlists or starring tracks have been resolved, and offline synced playlists can no longer disappear down a hole in the back of the music sofa, never to be seen again.

All good news, particularly for those with an Apple tablet of the retina resolution variety.


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