Sony and Panasonic team on OLED?

Partnership could be in the offing to take on Samsung and LG

May 15, 2012

It would appear that Sony and Panasonic could be set to team up in order to produce large screen OLED TV sets, with a more budget conscious slant.

Budget conscious being a relative term when it comes to OLED, mind you, as it’s still an expensive technology, but the price is already coming down somewhat.

LG and Samsung have 55 inch OLED offerings due out this year which will probably be pitched at slightly over the £5,000 mark, hardly cheap, but cheaper compared to earlier models which cost a fortune even for a small display.

The idea is the partnership will help bring costs down further, and give the two companies some spark to fight the aforementioned offerings.

According to a Bloomberg report, the partnership has been mulled in preliminary talks, so this is all just speculation at this point. But it makes sense as both Sony and Panasonic have been struggling in the TV business lately, so pooling their resources would seem like a good move in terms of making savings, and reducing development time in order to catch up to Samsung and LG’s 55 inch beasts.

Yuji Fujimori, an analyst at Barclays Capital based in Tokyo, commented: “A tie-up would lower their development costs for OLED TVs and enable them to gain ground on the industry-leading South Korean manufacturers. Investors could also see this as an indication of how these companies are changing under new management.”

Unsurprisingly, neither company has elected to comment on these rumours, and we’ll just have to wait and see what develops – which will perhaps depend on exactly how successful LG and Samsung’s large screen OLED offerings are.


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