Twitter hits 10m UK users

140 million across the world

May 16, 2012

Twitter has announced that it has hit some 140 million users globally, with 10 million users in the UK.

That figure might still be dwarfed by Facebook, which is homing in on the magic one billion mark when it comes to user numbers, but it’s still an impressive accomplishment, with the 140 character powered network showing sound growth levels.

The service has had something of a controversial history in the UK, what with being used to spread the word and break celebrity super-injunctions, and being put down as one of the contributing factors to the London riots.

It’s also been a window onto some celebrities lives, with big name tweeters such as Stephen Fry building up a massive following, and occasionally having very public rows watched by many followers.

Twitter isn’t resting on any social laurels, though, and is constantly refining its service. The beginning of this week saw the introduction of a weekly email digest, which can be delivered direct to your inbox.

This summarises the most significant tweets and stories of the week in your circle of followers, and also highlights some popular tweets of those your followers follow (but you don’t). A clever move designed to encourage folks to follow more people.

The service isn’t live yet, but is rolling out over the next few weeks, so will be with us soon enough.

Whether Twitter’s user base will top out soon isn’t clear, but the social network is pushing ahead with monetisation plans and promoted (advertising) tweets in order to keep it financially viable. Twitter claims that thus far, these are a growing success.


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